QUESTION 3: What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The chosen target audience of my video in the preliminary stages of this project was teenagers ranging from 11-19 and a few years either side, and would appeal mainly to a rock based community of people.

As I had now finished my practical production – and as mentioned in my earlier post – I had created a secondary questionnaire on:, I then asked students, colleagues, friends, work friends, family, and teachers to fill this out for me. I also sent a post out on Twitter (band account) and Facebook (my own personal account) asking for people to watch the video, and to possibly answer the questionnaire for me. I decided to do this as it would then be sent directly to people in my target age range, and it would go to my friends who are into the same genre of music as this music video.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 21.52.28

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 21.56.30 I also conducted and arranged for focus groups to view my music video and to then film their responses; this is shown and explained below:


1. Tom/Asel

“What did you think of it?”

–       Good song

–       Video went very well with storyline

–       Made lots of sense

–       Good acting

–       Good storyline

–       Transitioned well between pieces

“Anything you would improve on it?”

–       Car crash scene

–       Car didn’t transition as well as the rest of it

–       Fighting scene more energetic

“Any other comments or criticism?”

–       Thought it was good

–       When does the album come out


2. Joe/Sam/Mark

“What did you think of it?”

–       Really good

–       A lot more professional than I thought it was going to be

“Anything you didn’t like about it?”

–       Make it a bit darker

–       The car crash

–       Speed of the car crash

–       Fight scene looked staged

“Any other comments or criticism?”

– It was good other than that (The points made before)


Mr Botha/Simran:

“What did you think of it?”


–       Very good compared to first version that I saw – this is definitely much better

–       I like the way you’ve incorporated using editing styles and techniques

–       Comments taken on board from first draft – and changed

–       The pace of editing goes with sound

Anything you didn’t like about it?”


–       What stood out and what I did not like was that some of the shots when I (Protagonist) was walking around stood out and were to sharp compared to other scenes – it was too sharp

–       De-noised

Dialogue between the two of them:

–       (Botha) In general it’s a good production?

–       (Simran) Yes

–       (Botha) But you get the idea of the storyline with the lyrics of the music?

–       (Simran) Yes

–       (Simran) Yes its good – its just those few little things that need tweaking

–       (Botha) To perhaps give it a softer tone in terms of colour and perhaps not as sharp?

–       (Simran) And if this were in black and white overall – it would have a different feel to it that would go along with the poker.

–       (Botha) That’s perhaps a good idea.

“Any other comments or criticism?”

–       (Botha) I think it’s a production well done, like I said, much improved from the first version, you’ve taken on board what people suggested, and you’ve done it well.


What I have learnt from these focus groups: 

My main critiques from these focus groups was that the fight scene and the car crash could be improved on and given some points, that they could be more energetic. Another point that arose continuously was the colour of some of the shots.

I did however learn that there were many positive aspects to my video such as: the editing of the pace that follows along with the music, and that they understand the narrative.


Questionnaire Responses:

In my post before I explained that I had created a questionnaire on the website: I decided to reuse this medium as I found it effective during the first run of feedback when I was in the preliminary stages of my projects. The aim for this run of result findings was to get an overview on what people made of my video and their own personal views on it. The results I received were over a period, and the responses I received were from teachers, friends, work colleagues, fellow students as well as family. I managed to receive 47 responses and below I will be analyzing my findings.

Using the online website “Survey Monkey” had its positives and its negatives. The positive being that I was able to distribute my questionnaire to a wider range of people, and is quick and easy to make and to fill out. Another being that since I did my first run of questionnaires, “Surverymonkey” have upgraded the basic user view, and allows us to view the data collected in already formed graphs. The negatives being that you could answer one questionnaire on each device. For example if I had the questionnaire up on a computer and filled it out, I would now not be able to fill it in again. I found this to be a negative as I could have been able to have the questionnaire open on one device and got as many people – in my class or friends – as I could to come to this computer to fill it out.

All the images displayed in the post can be enlarged – simply by clicking on the image itself.

Question 1: “What is your gender?”

This is an important question that every questionnaire begins with. It allows the author to put their findings into a criteria depending on the genres. The amount of replies I received was fairly even and it allows me to view how both sexes view music videos.


Question 2: “What group does your age range fall into?”

This question – similar to Q1 – is always at the beginning of a questionnaire it is needed to judge who you are getting these responses from. As I received responses from a range of people my results are completely varied but the majority being the ’17-19′ category.


Question 3: “What rating would you give my work from a scale of 1-5, 1 being bad, 5 being good?”

I decided to ask this question to get an average rating of my video, I originally planned to do the question from 1-10, but decided this was too large a range and would have been harder to narrow it down into a number, so I stuck to 1-5. The results I received were a mixture, as I received votes for all categories from 1-5. One person thought it was 1, I like this type of criticism as it is honest and gives us a true insight and gives a real view of how the video is received, there were 3 votes for 2, but then the real numbers began to grow when it hit 3 and 4 and this is where a lot of my results fell, this is very humbling as I believe it still has the honesty and truthful factor. The most votes however was 5 at 18 people, I believe if this had been taken by people who did not know me, my results would be marginally different, and they can be biased.


Question 4: “Was there anything you specifically liked about it?”

I wanted to ask this question and give it a basic yes and no answer to make the answering simple but then allow the person answering the question a comment box in case they wanted to explain why. Luckily I received 25 comments from the 47 who took the questionnaire. The winner by a long margin was that people liked the video something about the video, which is shown in the diagram below


Not all of these people left a comment but for those who did they had this to say:

  • Drummer is sick!
  • Good mix of editing
  • The actor was hot
  • The song
  • Good shots, range and positioning
  • Enjoyable
  • Could have been a lot better
  • Takes me back to led zeppelin days
  • I wish my band made something like this, the song is hella right man
  • Raaaaaad
  • Post modern at beginning
  • Liked the ending
  • Rock stars!
  • It was like watching mtv
  • A lot more professional than I thought It would be
  • Storyline, that it ended on a dream
  • Good mix of performance and narrative
  • The guitarist and main character are good looking
  • Guitarist during solo
  • Drummer was a babe
  • Overall very good
  • I like the drummer at the end
  • The whole thing
  • Good transition of shots and good story line
  • Performance of band members.

The comments I received really helped me from a critically media point of view (taking out the usually received bad unnecessary answers from a questionnaire), that people approved of the structure of the video, the shots that were taken and the post modern aspect. I also like that the focus was on the musicians in the band and the “Star Image” of the band was portrayed.

Question 5: “Was there anything you did not like?”

This links in with the previous question but allowed room for a critical feedback. I opened it up once again with a yes and no option and a comment box for them to explain what they did not like. This question was very interesting to look at, as it was very very close, and evenly answered. No there was not anything they disliked was the winner but only by a fraction, which is a bad thing, because so many people didn’t like bits of it. Again even though I received 47 responses, only 21 left a comment explaining what they didn’t like.

The results of the yes and no answers are shown below:


The comments I was left were:

  • Didn’t like the story
  • Lack of mise en scene
  • The whole thing was terrible
  • The crash wasn’t great
  • More bassist
  • More of bass player
  • I didn’t like the colour of some of the shots
  • I don’t it looked professional, and the reusing of shot wasn’t great
  • Needs to be longer!
  • Didn’t like the fight or car scene, or the settings for the main guy
  • Didn’t get the guy wearing different clothes in the beginning
  • Fighting was baaaaad
  • Wasn’t my thing
  • I think the protagonist scenes should have been done at night instead of the day, didnd like the blue skies
  • The use of the drug was not needed
  • I think there should have been another main character
  • Didn’t completely understand story
  • Some parts of the drumming wasn’t synced properly
  • The fight was terrible
  • The fight scene and car scene were not smooth enough
  • Not enough of bassist.

The answers that were given to me on this question were very good. A lot of people seemed to think there was not enough of the bassist shown in the mix. A lot of negatives on the fighting, and there also seemed to be a lot of confusion towards the storyline. The impression I gained from people viewing this video was that this was not a problem and many seemed to grasp the concept pretty early. These comments allow me to notice what I could have done in the video and what would have worked better and would please the audience even more.

Question 6: “Did you think the video stylistically fit in with the song?”

I wanted to ask this question, as I specifically chose to do a rock video, and I wanted to see whether people felt the visuals matched the audio. The results I received were:

  • maybe
  • it did yes
  • not at all
  • YES
  • defo
  • yeah boyyy
  • some moments it does, some moments it doesnt
  • no
  • .
  • yes links in well
  • yes, the style fitted the song perfectly.
  • not really
  • yeah
  • yes
  • it did in areas
  • yes yes yes
  • yeah the story flowed well
  • yeaaaaaaaaaah
  • not really
  • yeah man right on
  • sure
  • sometimes
  • yes
  • yeah man
  • dunno
  • yes looked very rock and roll
  • i guess
  • it did fit in with the song, covered many issues in todays society (drink, drugs, fighting)
  • yes
  • it did, but could have been implemented more
  • yes very good
  • yes
  • yes
  • Yes, it fit very well.
  • maybe
  • dont like the genre so dont know
  • very enjoyable
  • i guess
  • not sure
  • Kind of
  • a little
  • yes
  • it did, the lyrics represent the visuals well
  • Yes
  • In some ways yes in some ways no, band need to be more rock and roll
  • don’t know
  • yes

This is a real mix of results and is difficult to tell the overall answer, so I would take that as a negative as people were split and it should have been an easy decision, if I was to conduct further research I would find out what specifically didn’t make it look like it linked.

Question 7: “Would you watch my music video again?”

In my original questionnaire I asked the question once you have watched a music video would you watch it again, and my findings were that 18 people responded that they would ‘maybe’ watch the video again, 14 said ‘Yes’ and 12 said ‘No’. I wanted to re-ask this so I could compare my results to my original findings, and it has come out very interesting. 18 people said they would watch again, this in theory means that people liked it enough to come back to view once more. 10 people said ‘No’ which was a fewer amount than in my first questionnaire meaning that more people liked the video and 19 people responded to the ‘Maybe’ option meaning that it is similar to the music video market out there, that people might come back and watch it – this gives the impression that is taken upon as a professional video.

This is the graph showing my results:


Question 8: “Did the video come across as professional?”

I wanted to ask this question so as to see how professional it was, and whether it would look out of place if it were played on a music channel with professionally made music videos. The options I gave the recipients were: “Yes, very professional”, “A little bit”, “Not sure”, “Not Really” and “Not at all”. I received responses for each option. The responses were:


What I found from this question is that it is not completely professional so would look slightly out of place but the feedback was very highly towards a little bit and very professional. I found from the written comments that the “Not sure” were because the viewers were not into this genre of music and were not sure whether or not it would be professional. There were 5 critiques who here have said “Not really” and “Not at all” and out of 47 responses that works out to be 10.64% out of 100% so I believe that the response from this shows that people approve of the work and think it would work on a professional music video channel.

Question 9: “Would you recommend for somebody to watch this music video?”

I know personally if I really like a music video I watch I would recommend for people to watch it, so if someone would make a recommendation of the video, then this gives me an idea of if people really the video. The results were:


The responses were very intriguing as they are all fairly distributed, 19 people said they would, 11 people said they wouldn’t and 17 said maybe. I think this shows that there is a mixed reception to my music video.

Question 10: “Any comments, praise or criticisms?”

I decide to add this question in even though the question had been asked already, was because like my results have shown not everyone would supply me an answer in the comment box, so including this question is almost tricking them into giving me a response. I simply supplied an essay box that they were able to fill out, and these are what the recipients of my questionnaires supplied me with:

  • rad dude
  • overall very good well done
  • the work was bad dude
  • so fit
  • keep up the good work
  • id like to see how this is received if you were to put it out there properly, plus the song is banging
  • i have recommended
  • it wos alrigh
  • i think that the story could be explained better at the end to make sure we know its a dream
  • redo the video
  • the video, song, performance is amazing, keep it up, you’ll make it big
  • can we play some shows with you guys?
  • that video was sweet dude
  • this surprised me!
  • cool man
  • not into all that rock stuff man so i dont know if this works
  • youre my heroes man!
  • good acting man!
  • very good work, i would be proud
  • i think that the protagonist should have been done by somebody else
  • make another
  • really good video
  • make a video for music in the charts
  • it is good but it could be so much better,
  • I think you could improve the quality of the song
  • No
  • well done
  • Very good, couple be improved but good effort
  • make another
  • very good

Taking all of the invalid responses out of this, I have learnt that I gained a lot of positives from the feedback, and far more positive than negative, although the negative critiques is what I am looking for. The main negatives I noticed in my project was that the car and fight scene were not to as high of standard as the rest of the video. Another aspect that was brought up was that some people did not understand the narrative. I could use the not understanding of the narrative to my own positive use, and use a postmodern aspect to the video.


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